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Cugir, Alba, Romania

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CUGIR is a little town with a population of approx. 30000, located in the south-western part of Transylvania (Transilvania) at the base of ParĂ¢ng Mountains(part of the Transylvanian Alps) 17 km south of Mures River and the E68 highway, half way between the cities of Alba Iulia and Deva. Numerous archeological discoveries prove that life in the region flourished as early as the Bronze Age, around the 10th century BCE, Cugir being part of the territory known as The Iron Gates of Transylvania, a region famous for its natural iron resources. In 88-44 BC, king Burebista, the most powerful of the kings of Thrace, according to the historian Acronion, establishes the new capital in the area, at Sarmizegetusa Regia (located in the Surianu Mountains west of Cugir). In this period of time the settlement of Cugir(villa Kunentum) is known as an important center for metal extracting and processing with its famous workshops producing tools, weapons and coins. Throughout the history the name of the town is mentioned in many documents under different names in different languages, therefore the old settlement villa Kunentum becomes in 1493 villa Kudzyr, in 1566 Kwczyr, in 1599 - Kuchir, in 1656 - Kuchjir, in 1673 - Kucsir, in 1733 - Kuser, in 1750 - Kudsier, 1760-1762 - Kudzser, in 1805 Kudsir and in 1850 - Kusir.

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